6 Essential Items For a Successful Outdoor Run

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Bonus: Running Playlist

The ultimate running buddy: My favorite podcasts to keep me company on long runs

Depending on my attention level, I listen to music, a podcast or an audio book while I run. Below are some of my 'go-to' favorites that help pass the miles:

Listen & Learn From Some of the Best in Biz: Entrepreneurship favorites
  1. The Jasmine Star Show
  2. Online Marketing Made Easy
  3. The Goal Digger Podcast
Daytime Runs Only - Spine Chilling True Crime favorites
  1. Something Was Wrong
  2. Crime Junkie
  3. Southern Fried True Crime
  4. Scamfluencers
  5. Dark Downeast

6 Essential Items I Need to Survive a Run (and None of Them are High-Tech Gadgets)

Alight, let’s get real for a second. We’ve all seen those runners who look like they’re decked out for the Olympics with their stunning outfits and high-tech gadgets and apps. And well…then there is me. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some tech! I usually do bring my phone and Apple Watch with me when I’m out for a run or walk. But the actual essentials…that’s a different and more functional than fancy list. So, without further ado, here are my 5 things essential things for an outdoor run.

  1. Hydration! Depending on the length of the run, I may or may not bring water or a hydration gel pack with me. Typically, only for a run over 45 minutes, I do not carry any hydration with me. However, I do make sure to hydrate well throughout the day before a run. Migraines and me…we go way back! I know that dehydration is one of my triggers for them and living in the sweltering South has taught me that staying hydrated is key! I love Liquid IV for this, prior to heading out for a run, I have one serving of liquid IV to give my electrolytes a nice boost. My favorite flavor is Golden Cherry! You can grab it here: Liquid IV
  2. Next up, is my old, probably dirty, but very well-loved ball cap. Truth be told, I have a small collection of them. They’ve been around the block (many times) with me and I love them for their function. They help keep the sun off my face and keep my hair back outta my way.
  3. Sunglasses!! Yes, double bangs intended. Sunglasses are an absolute must. I mentioned the dreaded migraines earlier. Seriously…vile stuff, right? Anyways, light brightness changes are also a migraine trigger for me. So, I basically do not leave the house without them. While I really do love my Oakley Pulse’s – honestly perfect running glasses, good coverage, and light on your face – but it’s not a fashion statement. It’s really all about functionality.
  4. Next, it’s my favorite foot apparel. So, this one may be a bit more high-tech, but the right shoes and socks are paramount! The wrong footwear can lead to painful blisters (hello Honolulu Marathon, you are cemented in my mind, I have not forgotten you) or injury. If you want your running to be an inclusive part of a healthy lifestyle, you’ve got to set yourself up for success by investing in good socks and shoes. My go-to socks are made by Wrightsock, you can check them out here: Wrightsock. For shoes, as much as I love shopping online, I recommend going to a good shoe store. The clerks will be able to help you based on your unique needs. This is especially true if you’re new to running. If you’ve been running a while, you may be able to skip the store and purchase online. As we move through life, our bodies and needs change, seek a pro consultation as needed!
  5. Another vital piece of the puzzle is sunscreen! Nothing fancy here, sunscreen is a must. If the sun is up, I’m applying a good layer of protection against UV rays.
  6. And saving the best for last, I let someone know that I’m going out for a run. Always. Even if nobody is home at the time, I’ll shoot out a text to someone know I’m going to be out running. Because…Crime Junkie life rules, am I right? Joking aside, this is a multipurpose safety measure because the best part of any run is getting back home safely!

In conclusion, while I still love my techie gadgetry, running doesn’t require much. The necessities are simple items like hydration, sun protection, quality footwear, and prioritizing safety. Whether you’re a seasoned or beginner runner, investing in the essentials will set you up for success. Happy running!