Finding the Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Small-Service Based Business

Hey friends! Today, we’re going to jump into the wild world of WordPress themes. Choosing the right theme can make a major difference when it comes to creating a professional and engaging virtual presence for your small business.  Before we dive in, let’s back up a bit. If you’re new to WordPress, you may be wondering, what in the wild world is a theme? In the simplest terms, a theme is the foundation or framework of your website. It will drive the look and functionality of your website, providing a cohesive design and content layout.

Themes are comprised of a collection of templates, stylesheets, and other files that work together to create the visual appearance of your website. They usually include the ability to customize features of your site, such as headers and footers, typography, color schemes, and various page layouts. Selecting the right theme is like a head start in your design efforts.

Alright, now that we know what a theme is…let’s chat about what you consider when selecting one.

Designing Tools and Objects

Your Theme Should: Be Able to Reflect Your Brand’s Personality

We all know the value of a great first impression. Your website may be just that to potential customers. It’s essential to select a theme that aligns with the personality and values of your business. Are you bold and vibrant? Classy and elegant? You want to consider the overall aesthetics, color scheme capabilities, typography options available within the theme to ensure it resonates with your audience.

Your Theme Should: Support Responsive Design

In today’s mobile-first world, website responsiveness is an absolute must! You want to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable experience whether they’re browsing on a phone, tablet, or desktop.  Your theme should effortlessly adapt to different screen sizes. If you need a refresher on responsiveness, check out my blog post, Fluidity in Design: The Importance of Responsive Design.

Laptop, Tablet and Mobile showing responsive design
WordPress Theme - Astra - Showing Customization Settings

Your Theme Should: Allow You to Make It Your Own

You and your business are unique, your website should be too. Make sure your theme offers the ability to customize your website with various layout options, color schemes, customizable widgets., etc. This ensures that you’re able to display your services in the best possible way.

WordPress Theme - Astra Showing Customization Settings

Your Theme Should: Be User-Friendly

Be sure to pick a theme that offers ease of use.  You will likely return to your web designer for larger website modifications, but you want your theme to be user-friendly so you can make minor changes as needed. Your designer will likely keep this in mind during your site build. Selecting a theme that offers an intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop builders will ensure the website owner is empowered to make small changes without frustration.

Compatibility (1)

Your Theme Should: Play Nice

WordPress plugins are magic little pieces of software that enhance your website. Your designer will help you select a theme that will set you up for success and plays well with others. You may now or in the future need contact forms, social media integration, e-commerce options, etc – you’ll want a theme that is compatible with your site to avoid headaches for future you.


You’ve likely already learned that online presence is crucial for attracting new clients and establishing credibility. By selecting the right WordPress theme, you’ll create a ‘home’ on the web that has great curb appeal. Additionally, your website will showcase your services in the best possible light. Remember to consider your brand’s identity, prioritize responsiveness, and opt for customization capabilities. Ensure to communicate your goals with your designer so they can help you make a great decision regarding your theme selection.

Wishing you a successful and stress-free website building journey and if you need any guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at