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Hello, I'm Heather, founder of Paint Creek Digital and your personal guide here in the Paint Creek Digital Creative Corner

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  • Design Delights: Immerse yourself in the latest trends and tips in branding and WordPress website design. From visual aesthetics to user experience, I'll be your compass in the ever-evolving design landscape.
  • Cybersecurity Chronicles: Also, an ever-evolving arena, I’ll help you navigate the treachery of online security. Uncover practical tips, stay updated on the latest threats, and fortify your online presence.
  • Life's Adventures: Join me on a personal journey beyond the pixels. Every now and then, I’ll share the joys of parenting adult and teen children and my current interests in my health/fitness routine (running and working out has been a sanity staple for decades😊), and the chaotic charm of my crazy pup – we're in this adventure together.
Welcome to the Paint Creek creative corner, and introduction to the frenchie who keeps me on my toes, Logan

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