Ready, Set, Write: Set the Mood for a Writing Session

Finding Your Perfect Writing Environment

Writing can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling activity, right? But wow, it can be challenging to get into the proper headspace! Setting the mood to get into the 'writing zone' is something that has really improved my writing sessions. I'm convinced that these tips can help you overcome distractions and improve writer's block and make way for the creativity to flow. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect writing environment.

Clear Your Workspace

First things first, clear your work surface. This seems minor but can be surprisingly challenging, especially when you're pressed for time. Trust me, spending a few minutes to put away unnecessary items, file those lose papers, and get your area in ship shape - will be well worth it! Chaos around you equals chaos inside of you, clear the chaotic clutter and your mind will be clearer and ready to work.

Tune in With Ambient Music

Next, turn on some ambient music. This could be anything from classical to electronic to nature sounds. Whatever helps you get in the zone to write. Personnally, I enjoy Ambient radio on Pandora - a variety of music that offers a nice calming backdrop that drowns out other distractions without also pulling your focus to it.

Stimulate Your Senses with Aromatic Scents

One of my favorite things to do when I'm writing is light a candle. The effects are twofold - it sets a cozy atmosphere and triggers your thought process to begin working. Pick a scent that you love and overtime, you'll begin to associate this as your go-to 'writing' scent. I love pine (in all seasons) and lilac scents. Most importantly, just pick a scent that you find calming and that helps you relax and focus.

Turn off Distractions

Finally, turn off your notifications! Our modern tech is great, don't get me wrong here.  I love my gadgets; and they are attention thiefs!  There is always an awry text that 'can't' wait, a social media update, or an email pinging into your inbox. These distractions can be incredibly distruptive our writing flow. Just silence your phone, close extra tabs, or log out of anything that may try to noisily jump in and steal your focus.

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Writing Ready? Go for It!

Following these simple steps can help you set up the perfect writing environment. Of course, everyone has different preferences. Experiment and find out what works best for you. Some people need utter silence while others prefer a bustling coffee shop or a TV blaring in the background. Neither is wrong, whatever creates an environment that allows you to focus and be productive is the right answer for you.

Setting the mood for a writing session is all about creating a comfortable environment that allows the writer to focus and well, write! I've shared what has worked best for me. How do you get in the zone to write? I'd love to hear about your process. If you'd like to share, email me at