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Exploring Beyond Web Design: The Treasured Trash of the Other Spot

Welcome to "The Other Spot", where I share my interests, hobbies, and musings beyond website design. Here you'll find a variety of content ranging from technology and cybersecurity to writing, reading, and fitness. I'm a parent to adult and almost adult children, a dog lover, nature lover (with lots of bug spray!), and a lazy cook who is passionate about making good food using the least amount of dishes possible. Join me on this journey as I explore different topics and share my thoughts, experiences and favorite things. I am notoriously haphazardly organized so it's a mystery what may end up here, but there's always something new to discover in "The Other Spot".

My Favorite Power Surge Protector

The Ultimate Power Companion: More Than Just a Surge Protector In the era of technology where each one of us owns multiple gadgets, finding a reliable power source that can cater to all our devices simultaneously is a treasure hunt. But what if I told you that your search ends today? Allow me to introduce […]

Dogs Who Detect Owner’s Migraines

The Power of Pups: Your Best Friend Knows You Best Dogs have long been known for their incredible sense of smell and their ability to detect various scents. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the use of dogs to detect medical conditions, including migraines. This topic is intriguing to me because […]

Set the Mood for a Writing Session

Ready, Set, Write: Set the Mood for a Writing Session Finding Your Perfect Writing Environment Writing can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling activity, right? But wow, it can be challenging to get into the proper headspace! Setting the mood to get into the ‘writing zone’ is something that has really improved my writing sessions. […]

6 Essential Items I Need to Survive a Run (and None of Them are High-Tech Gadgets)

6 Essential Items For a Successful Outdoor Run Bonus: Running Playlist The ultimate running buddy: My favorite podcasts to keep me company on long runs Depending on my attention level, I listen to music, a podcast or an audio book while I run. Below are some of my ‘go-to’ favorites that help pass the miles: […]