Introducing Paint Creek Digital Maintenance Services: Keep Your Website Running Smoothly!

As a service-based business owner, you know the importance of a website that is easy to navigate, looks great, and is always up-to-date. Poorly maintained websites can lead to slower loading times, broken links, and security issues. This can chip away at your credibility and have potential customers looking elsewhere for services. Website maintenance is as normal and important as maintaining your car.

Here at Paint Creek Digital, we know that maintaining your website can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not super tech-savvy. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new website maintenance services – designed to make your life easier and keep your website in tip-top shape.

Our website maintenance services take the hassle out of maintaining your website. We offer regular updates to your website software, ensuring that your site remains secure and bug-free. We also monitor your backup services and ensure that your website data is protected against data loss, monitor security to identify and fix vulnerabilities, and performance optimization to ensure quick load times. Additionally, our website maintenance service includes design edits and content update as needed to keep your website fresh and engaging.

This new service is available on a monthly basis, with flexible pricing to fit your needs. We will work with you to create a custom maintenance package that meets your unique needs and budget.

But that’s not all – in the process of routine maintenance, we’ll also audit and identify areas of improvement. Over time, we’ll improve your search engine optimization and user experience.  Our website audits include analysis of website speed and performance, content reviews, and recommendations for improvements.

Are you ready to learn more about our website maintenance services? Contact us today at to get started.

Website Maintenance Services

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